Canon is guided by the philosophy of Kyosei–all people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future. As a world-class leader in imaging technologies, Canon is dedicated to protecting and preserving valuable environmental resources. To meet this commitment, Canon has put in place an Environmental Management System and currently holds one of the largest consolidated ISO-14001 certificates in the world. At each stage of the product life cycle–produce, use, and recycle–Canon assesses the amount of CO2 emitted and strives to reduce it, always seeking ways to conserve energy and resources, and reduce hazardous substances.


When a Canon device reaches your workplace, you’ll value the features that help save energy, paper, and toner. Canon has developed innovative technologies that make its business products highly energy efficient while delivering great performance. For example, its RAPID Fusing System technology reduces power consumption of digital multifunction devices by up to 80% over previous models without this technology. Canon is a recipient of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s 2011 Award for Excellence in Energy Efficient Product Design and has been recognized for its sustainability practices. Canon devices also support a full range of features that help reduce paper usage and toner consumption.


Starting with product development, all suppliers are required to meet Canon’s stringent Green Procurement policy and environmental terms. This helps the company exceed the toughest global standards for restricting or eliminating hazardous chemical substances from its products. Canon’s state-of-the-art technology is engineered into lighter, compact body designs that use fewer materials and save space, thereby reducing the amount of packaging and fuel required for transport. And to further reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions when delivering products nationwide, Canon partners with the U.S. EPA in the SmartWay Transport program.


When Canon’s business products have completed their full service life, they’re effectively collected and remanufactured whenever possible. Canon pioneered the collection of used toner cartridges in 1990 and its recycling program is still going strong today. Canon’s innovative green technologies also include bio-based plastic, a plant-derived compound that replaces certain petroleum-based plastic parts. Canon believes in living and working together into the future. It’s committed to bringing you advanced technologies that run your business while respecting the global environment.
With the imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series, Canon has developed leading-edge technologies with a stronger environmental focus at every stage of the product lifecycle. Canon’s Lifecycle Assessment System (LCA) seeks to control carbon emissions at each lifecycle stage. The result? An overall CO2 target reduction of up to 50% over previous models. This equates to as much as 2.5 tons of carbon per year, per device.*

In order to reduce dependence on petroleum-based materials, Canon uses 100% recycled plastics and bio-based plastics on certain exterior parts.
Smaller and lighter design helps improve transportation efficiency. As a result, carbon emissions per transporter vehicle can be reduced by up to 50%.*
Power consumption in Sleep Mode has been reduced to 1W–or less!**

ENERGY STAR: Savings in power consumption during a one-week period has been reduced by up to 75%!*

The use of White LED array technology in its Color Image Reader rather than a traditional Xenon tube reduces power consumption by up to 75%!

Using Canon Image Sensor technology rather than traditional CCD sensors reduces power consumption by up to 50%!

Advanced Color RAPID Fusing and new Induction Heating (IH) technologies reduce power consumption and limit the warm-up period.

New pQ and pO Toners with a lower melting point reduce fusing temperature requirements.

All Suppliers are required to meet Canon’s stringent Green Procurement policy and environmental terms. This helps Canon exceed the toughest global standards, such as those set by the European Union’s RoHS Directive, which controls/restricts the use of hazardous substances.

Each system is equipped with paper-, toner-, and energy-saving features that cut costs and conserve resources.

Long-life parts and higher-yielding supplies help maximize uptime and reduce the amount of materials consumed during the product life cycle.

Canon’s Corporate Environmental Management System is certified to the ISO-14001 Standard. In fact, Canon currently holds the largest ISO-14001 certification in the world, with over 800 Canon companies and facilities certified.

Monitor CO2 emissions from paper use and power consumption and set targets and actions for reduction with Canon’s Enterprise Management Console Ecological Information Plug-in.

Through our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, Canon will plant a tree for every imageRUNNER ADVANCE model sold on our customer’s behalf. Together, we can help leave a greener footprint on the Earth for the benefit of future generations. For more information, please visit

The Environmental Performance Calculator is designed to provide information on the environmental aspects of our products and supports our customers’ environment-conscious actions by simulating the merits of upgrading to newer, more energy efficient products.  Simply input information regarding your current fleet of office imaging technology and your proposed Canon fleet, and the Environmental Performance Calculator will perform a comparison of the environmental impact for both scenarios.
For more information, contact a Lake Business representative at 440-953-1199 Option #3.
* Actual reduction amount may vary by model.
** 1.5W or less with imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9000 PRO Series.