Employee Spotlights

The culture at Lake Business Products focuses on their Core Values of Teamwork, Integrity, and Excellence.

Team members recognize one another for possessing these outstanding values…

This month’s team member in the Spotlight is….

I can’t say enough about Jill. As busy as she can get, she always makes time to help with any situation that comes up. She is very knowledgeable with e-automate and has patiently helped me navigate through the system.

Knowing that I can count on her to be there has made my day so much easier and I will never be able to thank her enough for that.

Most people at Lake Business Products have no idea how much he makes things run smoothly. Bryan is 99% of the time levelheaded and very cool, while all around him there are fires and explosions! He is always ready to assist when there is an issue and more times than not, he simply makes it so there are less issues to begin with.
Kudos to you Bryan…. Teamwork, Integrity and Excellence all wrapped into one!!!

Chad’s actions encompass all three components to TIE:
Teamwork: When it became clear that our client scenario was going to be potentially difficult and time consuming to work with, Chad stepped in to take on additional responsibilities so that we could continue to focus on new business development while the challenges were being handled.
Integrity: Chad could have told the client that their network issues “weren’t our fault” or “weren’t our problem” and he would have been justified in this statement. However, he took ownership of finding a solution to the issue, regardless of “whose fault it was.”
Excellence: Not only did Chad oversee the immediate repair of the network issues but has teamed up with Matt Combs to work through some additional value-add projects that the client has asked NetShield to explore.

I am sure that just about everyone at LBP can attest to the fact that Shelly is always willing to lend a hand and has stepped up tremendously since most of us are remote on some or all days of the week. She is no longer just our receptionist! She runs throughout the building for us checking to see if our phones are forwarded, our computers are on, letting us know if she put an important call in our voicemail, checking to see if invoices are printing, helping with service calls when needed, working on labels and if can help it, never, ever says NO when she is asked for help. Shelly goes above and beyond for all of us, and it is for this reason that I think she is deserving of the employee of the month award.
Thank you, Shelly, for everything that you do to help all of us throughout the day!

Mike takes the initiative to lend a helping hand when he sees you need help or thinks you might need help in some way. He maintains a friendly and professional attitude and is knowledgeable and shares his knowledge.

It is a pleasure working with James; his attitude is always upbeat and positive. His work ethic is second to none. He is extremely efficient, productive and takes pride in his work. He is an inspiration to all of us that work around him to step up our game. He truly epitomizes what “TIE” is all about!