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653 Miner Road
Highland Heights, OH 44143
Phone: 440-953-1199
Toll Free: 800-443-4583
Fax: 440 -953-0645

3420 Cavalier Trail, Suite B,
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224
Phone: 330-836-0675
Fax: 330-836-0833

25 N. Canfield Niles Road, Suite #15,
Youngstown, Ohio 44515
Phone: 330-270-5700
Fax: 330-270-1969

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Frequently Asked Service Questions

Where is the Equipment ID?

The equipment ID is on the Lake Business sticker on the front of your machine.  It is the large, bold number located under the Lake Business logo and above our phone number.

There are lines on my copies; how do I clean the glass?

With a clean, soft, lint-free cloth, wipe the Platen Glass (that is the glass that you would lay a piece of paper on) and wipe the white sheet under the doc feeder lid. There is also a thin strip of glass next to the Platen Glass and an opposing plate that can be wiped.

I am having fax trouble; is the problem the phone line or the machine?

You may attempt to dial the fax number that is having issues from a regular phone line. If you hear fax tones, the device is working. If you get a busy signal there is some issue with the line. If there is no answer, the fax is not picking up and a technician may be needed.

If your send and receive issues are isolated to one phone number that you are sending to or that is trying to send to you, it is possible that device or line has an issue.

If my copies are light, does that mean I need toner?

When the machine needs toner, it will tell you to change it.  Light copies are not usually caused by the toner level. 

All the trays have paper, why is my machine still asking for paper?

Check if someone sent a print job that is asking for a size or type of paper that does not match what is in the trays.

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